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SHEIKH OBAID: Prisoner of Faith: Another hostage kidnapped by Israelis


Prisoner of Faith

Mustafa Dirani was kidnapped in 1995 from his home in Lebanon by Israeli commandos. The date was the holy festival of Eid Al-Adha (one of the most important days in the Muslim calendar). His young wife and five children were terrorised in a brutal and disgraceful manner. One of his daughters was struck on the back of the head with the butt of a rifle, by a commando.

The Israelis have publicly stated that his kidnap was in order to bring pressure to bear against the captors of Israeli army navigator Ron Arad, to release him if he is alive, or return his body if he is dead. However no-one admits having Ron Arad in their custody. The kidnap of Mustafa Dirani - a well-respected figure in the Muslim community is doubly horrific, because of his poor health. Mustafa Dirani suffers from paralysis to various parts of his body, and had recently undergone brain surgery before his kidnap.

IHRC condemns this brutal act, and calls for Mustafa Diraniís release. Until January 1997, no-one knew where Mustafa Dirani was being held. The international lawyers sent to represent both the Sheikh and Mustafa Dirani, located him in the same military complex as Sheikh Obaid. As with Sheikh Obaid they were denied access.

We urge all campaigners to write to Mustafa Dirani, expressing their support for him (see the Sheikh Obaid page for details of the address). Please all write to your MP, Congressman, Foreign Secretary, and Head of State asking for their action in this matter.

The family of Mustafa Dirani thank all campaigners for their kind thoughts.