XINJIANG: Nine Muslims executed by Chinese Authorities.

July 28: China has executed nine Muslim activists in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. The nine were charged with damaging state security, by “bombings, arson, robbery and murder,” during an anti-China demonstration on February 5 this year.

Chinese authorities claim that the nine and others who have been taking part in anti-government protests are terrorists. There has been increasing protest in the last few years against state controls which prohibit the teaching and easy practice of religion, across China. In Xinjiang there has been a growing separatist movement.

The nine who were executed, and three others executed last April for participation in the same demonstration were Uighurs, which is the majority ethnic group in Xinjiang. However, despite Chinese and Western media claims, Uighurs are not the only Muslims in the region. Han Chinese the largest ethnic group in China also form part of the growing Islamic movement in China, as well as many of the other ethnic groups in different regions. It is estimated that there are between 60 - 100 million Muslims in China.
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