Nureddin Sirin and Bekir Yildiz

Postcard of Nureddin Sirin. Post card of Bekir Yildiz also available.

Nureddin Sirin is a newspaper editor sentenced to 17 years for his beliefs, in 1997. He edited the Turkish Islamist newspaper Selam. He was arrested and accused of being a member of Hizbollah, by the Turkish authorities. At his trial, even the Turkish Secret Service, testified that he was not a member. However he was still sentenced to 17 years. Nurettin Sirin is a prisoner of his faith. He is not guilty of any crime.

Bekir Yildiz is the elected mayor of Sincan province. He organised a rally in support of the Palestinian right of self-determination. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison in September 1997 for promoting Islamic ideas.

Please help campaign for the release of these prisoners.

Please write to the Turkish Prime Minister Prime Minister A. Mesut YILMAZ Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister The Prime Minister's Office Ankara Turkey

The Minister of Justice State Minister Mehmet BATALLƯ FaxMinistry of Justice Adalet Bakanligi Ankara Turkey

Telephone: 312 - 417 77 70 Fax: 312- 425 40 66

The Turkish Ambassador in your country.

Please ask them to release Bekir Yildiz and Nureddin Sirin immediately.

Please also write to Mrs. Mary Robinson, the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights asking her to intervene in this case. Her address is:

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Geneva Switzerland

Please also see our page on investors in Turkey and write to them. Many thanks.

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